NEW!  Concierge Services & Trip Planning
Planning help is available as a part of our concierge service. We'll connect you with a list of local B&B's, hotels and motels, and unique get-aways that are cannabis-friendly. Concierge service starts at $65/hour for non-tour related queries, and is discounted to

$25/hour for planning in conjunction with a tour booking and deposit. Let us help you plan your
Colorado Cannabis Adventure!

Please note: Nothing on this website or in our tours should be considered legal advice or a substitute for legal advice.
Please obey all Colorado Marijuana Laws. Neither Durango Artisanal Tours nor its respective partnered establishments in any way promotes, condones or advocates illicit drug use or abuse, and disclaims all warranties with regard to the information provided.  In no event shall Durango Artisanal Tours be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages in connection with the information contained within their tours, or in websites to which we provide links. 
For a fuller discussion of Colorado marijuana law, please see

Navigating Colorado Dispensaries
Dispensaries can be overwhelming if you've never been in one. We'll explain the range of options available, then suggest purchases that fit your needs and pocketbook.

Cannabis Law. Where and what can I consume?

Colorado's cannabis laws are a moving target. We make it simple for you to stay legal and have fun doing it. By the end of your tour, you'll have a local's knowledge of cannabis, from different methods of consumption to pairing strains with activities.


Dosage & Safe Use
The new, much more powerful strains of fine cannabis being grown in Colorado demand respect. We can help you make informed choices about consumption methods, dosages and strains that are right ​for you. 

Our goal is to take care of all your needs while we show you to some of the best known places to be while enjoying your cannabis.  We’ll keep you fed & hydrated, and show you where to purchase the tastiest strains.  It’s legal now!  Let’s celebrate it!

All of our guides are local Durango-folk who are active in the community in positive ways, have a love for the environment and have a great respect for cannabis and all of its useful properties.  

Our town is small, and Durango Artisanal has gathered the crème de la crème of locals who know and love the plant.  
We are a group of growers, scientists, caregivers, bud tenders, athletes, body-workers, artists, instructors, and local foodies.
We are committed to pushing for clean cannabis for both recreational and medicinal uses. This is the time to go back to
our roots and see what a remarkable plant cannabis really is.  


about us

If you're coming to Colorado to sample our world-famous recreational cannabis culture, you're going to want some suggestions. That's where ​we come in.

How to buy? What to buy? Where to consume?

Whether you are an old hand with cannabis, smoked
it in your youth and want to reconnect with the herb, or

are new to cannabis and want to do it right, we are here to

​help you.

It's medicine first and foremost. If you or a family member have a serious medical condition and would like to understand cannabis as medicine, especially cancer, 
please inquire within. We'll point you to links where you can find quick information and education. No charge.